Friday, August 28, 2009


I should've known that loving a worthless piece of shit like you was a waste of my fucking life. It's like loving the past. NO....POINT! Thanks for making me realize that most of you guys are just fucking assholes. Going back to the past for the 2987403984th time with you? NO! never again my friend...never again.

For anyone else who thinks seeing someone else be happy is good enough..stop yourself right now, and get out. Cause its not worth it.

And remember.. everyone can change as long as they're WILLING to do so.. or even CARE enough to do so.

Fuck you..your garbage.

Thanks for listening. =)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Follow your heart..don't forget the mind.

"What do you do if you can't make up your mind." "Follow your heart.."

What happens when you realize your just unhappy with everything after people have told you, you need to stick up for yourself and just leave? You leave. Never felt soo much pain rush inside me so fast in so long. I thought I had it good...and seeing him happy was good enough for me. But someone running in to make you realize that its not good enough is a good and a bad thing. Your left stuck...thinking about who and what to choose..thinking about all the consequences. And when you choose think about what could've happened if you chose the other. I chose the other...and now sitting here hurting over the one thing that was my everything for the past...almost 2 years..the good? I get my head cleared. But thats not that good.. I may have a clear head but one thing is for sure...I'll never forget you...and at this point I don't know if I'll ever stop loving you.

Make the tears stop.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Haven't updated in a while cause I've been too lazy to. Soo....
*Went to the movies and Ruby Tuesdays last friday with Rob and Britt to go see "The Orphan" pretty awesome movie, especially when you have someone next to you yellin "FUCK THAT BITCH UP!" at the screen lol! I bought the D40 with me so I took pics of almost everything...notice the daquri? lol.
*Movies again tomorrow, and my dad keeps asking questions about me going to the movies. SHUT UP! lol.
*Update on the reading list...still on the first book LOL. I stopped reading for a while =( I need to get to it.
*Birthday past an iPod Touch and a Nikon D40...the birthday kinda sucked but the gifts were pretty great.
TTYouguys later =)