Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Easier said than done.

And to think I was over everything. ha. Right. To feel like your world was just coming back together and watch it crumble to pieces in that 30seconds it takes you to read one text message. Best way to get over something is to learn to live without it, but it's pretty hard when everywhere you go reminds you of a certain thing that happened at that same exact place. But after a while everything starts to become okay. But in reality, It's not.

I hate everything that I have to go through. Sometimes I think that staying where I was before all of this and dealing with the unhappiness was what I should've done. But that's just not right, its not fair. I have to find my own happiness but do I feel like I have to throw away 2 years of my life? Yes. But, I can't think of it that way. I have to think about what exactly I learned from this. I learned that lying is just not worth it and you'll never know exactly who your hurting when you do it. I learned that ones own happiness is always first, but being absolutely selfish is not a good thing. And lastly? I learned that relationships are full of sacrifices, if one is not willing to sacrifice something for the one they love. Then it's never worth it.

You would think after learning all of that I'd look forward to the future and what lies ahead right? No. Not dwelling on the past is always.. easier said than done.