Thursday, December 24, 2009

Updates and Goals

School? Craaaazzzyyyyy but I managed to get stuff together, not in the nursing program just yet but I'll be in there like swimwear for Fall2010 no doubt. Spring 2010? I'm taking two 200 level courses and two 101 courses...I'm not gonna say which ones it is but just know that. Cumulative for now? 3.22...needs to go up right? Riiiight. =D

My life made a serious 180, don't ask me what happened cause I honestly don't know how or why. I ruined a relationship (even though he says I didnt) and ruined something that was good for me? I really don't know where my life is headed in the love category but right what Ateh Carol said.."You arn't getting any younger, choose now..if you want a long lasting relationship, take things slow" So I decided to make a pact with one of my besties, school will be our main focus in 2010..boys? It's whatever. Whatever happens, happens, but we both refuse to get hurt..Period.

Someone tell me.. At what point does one need to realize that they need to stop being upset cause they're hurting someone else and realize they're hurting themselves more? (Make sense?)

Time to put "love" on the backburner and enjoy the company that comes around.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Perfect V. Problem

I was in the middle of studying and my phone vibrates...hmm text from whom? A little birdie who gives me some news I really wasn't expecting and it inspired me to write this blog.

Everyone strives to be that perfect couple. I honestly don't think ANYONE can look me dead in the face and say "we don't try to be perfect" because I admit I want to have that perfect relationship. People fail to realize that perfect relationships are boring and it will get you no where. Don't sit here and tell ME that it isn't true cause I've been in a seemingly "perfect relationship" and it just was not worth it. You miss the imperfection in a person. So yeah, girls always want something they can't have..and in my case? It's true. I wanted perfection so much that once I thought I had it, I wanted to go back to the one person who was completely imperfect.

Does anyone realize that when you see a perfect couple...that couple always tends to end early? Why? Don't ask me cause I don't know, I just like stating the obvious hehe. But from personal experience, working hard to achieve perfection is always better than having perfection in your hands. When a couple always has issues and end up breaking up..I think it's not because of all the fighting, but the emotions just weren't strong enough to overcome that one obstacle. Sometimes separation is okay though because it makes one realize what he or she is missing and when they get feels great.

Where am I in this? I'm a part of the problem couple. I'll be the first to admit that I've never had a perfect relationship since 2007 and I was pretty good at pretending I had one. But look at us now, we are unstoppable. The problems make us stronger and now nothing can take me away. So the next time you fight with your significant other always remember...

"The 'perfect couple' ends so fast but the 'problem couple' is always the one that lasts."

Unless you just hate that person then maybe its time to call it quits hehe. =P

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stress Easing

Tomorrow is the last day for the Fall2009 semester YAY! I'm hoping and praying I get into this Nursing program for the next two years, I don't want to get pushed back. Update since the blog about stress? hmmm. =)

Bio206-Things are slowly coming together, final practical on friday, on the "pee system" and the "sex system" it shouldn't be too bad. I'm pretty upset that learning about sex gives me constant headaches. LMAO! I took my last in-class today aaannnndddd I got a 10 out of 10! So now I just have to study my butt off for the lecture exam.

Nursing101-Still biting me in the butt...I just found out the test is cumulative, and my professor didn't do a good review so....Good luck to me, it's gonna be a looong weekend.

English134-The user's manual is finished and easy to read, there's only one issue, I forgot to put 'deleting photos' in there. Hopefully my professor won't notice.

Art101-I can't stand that class but the final seems fun, we're gonna play a game! O_O

Christmas is right around the corner, I don't want much but when I made a Christmas was pretty long lol. Someone buy me either a TWLOHA shirt or a bunch of "I <3 BOOBIES" (it's a movement for breast cancer lol.) bracelets!

NowPlaying:: All I Want For Christmas Is You -Mariah Carey. =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I hate how my photographs looked so much better back then when I didn't have a fancy pancy camera. LMAO! Taken in 11th grade. =)

Listening to:: Sex Therapy-Robin Thicke. I can't stand him but I love this song.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is gonna be the worst two weeks of my life. ='(

School is kicking me in the ass right now and I haaaaate it, since when do I actually struggle this much to keep my grades up? Neeeeever.

Biology2060- Cause of this class I officially HATE 200 level classes, and what sucks is, I'm stuck taking them. I have a 79.1% in the class, and I have two weeks to pull it up, I have to get 166 out of a possible 200 points to get ATLEAST an 80. This is ridiculous. I have a headache just thinking about how I'm gonna get this grade up. But I'll find a way to pull through, I always do lol.

Nursing1010-69.2 .......daaaaaaaamn. ................daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. That's upsetting. But I'll get a's just not that very good if I'm trying to get into the Nursing Program..Looks like I gotta turn to my mentor, who's gonna be pretty upset but I need encouraging words from someone who knows how that program works.

English134- I hate group projects..I'm stuck with a piece-o-shit group minus my friend Melissa lol but whatever, 2 more classes and I am doooone! Got a B in that class probably so I guess thats good.

Art101- The class is so stupid I don't even want to talk about it. I told my mother, and I quote "When the fcuk am I ever gonna use arthistory in the hospital!? NEVER! No patient is gonna ask me how an artist felt while painting shit. WHAT THE FCUK?! THAAAATS DUMB AND POINTLESS!" And mother dearest just shook her head lol.

Other than school, life's like beyond unreal at this point. We'll see where this goes.

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