Saturday, October 31, 2009

I hate college.

UGGGGHHHHHH!!! whyyyy!? Failing Nursing101 badly and heard it from my parents. =(

I'm gonna be gone for a minds just not gonna get off school and I'm officially on lock down mode at home.

But fridays..thats a different story. ;)


Okay so I found time to update..moms kinda calmed down about the grades. I need to get it together and buckle down cause this is getting crazy, I never fail! =(

Anyway, it's amazing how things can change at the blink of an really. But change can be good and bad. Right now? A little of both. This change allows me to focus on what I should've focused on in the first place. Me. Get my head together and sort everything out. Some people are back in my life and it feels kinda good. It's an uneasy feeling but..I can deal. Can't get used to it though cause I know this is just temporary which is what makes me feel a little weird.

I missed ya...kinda. ;)

"You said let go but I kept hangin' on, inside I know it's over, you're really gone." -M. Carey.

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