Friday, November 6, 2009

All smiles for now.

Hecka tired typing this so I doubt this is gonna be organized.

*Pinas this January!!!! =D So much to update my cousins about, it's kinda sad cause the update isn't really good news. But, knowing them, they'll support me either way.

*School still sucks. I love the people I spend the days with, just not the work that comes along with it. I officially hate Nursing101 and I hate 200 level courses. Smh. About to buckle down and study starting monday cause this stress is getting crazy.

*Hecka goodnews?! After exactly one month, my baby Ava is finally home from the "hospital" I call Collision Worx LMAO! Seeing my car looking spotless after that crash was just great..first thing I did when I saw it? Hug it and kiss it lol. I planned on cleaning her as soon as I got her back but they cleaned her for me! =) But when I went to work with it the next day I found out my headlight was out so I got that fixed today and now I just gotta get my wheels aligned and my car will be problem free. I saw all the damages I did....daaaaaamn. Fucked up the whole AC and heater LMAO. Sorry Ava..never again! =)

*Woaaaahhh talk about suprises, whoever thought this would happen? No one. I dunno where this is gonna go honestly but I'll just go with the flow. I want to be the one that changes you're opinion on certain things, I don't know if that will happen but we'll see. Slow is the key. But sacrificing friendships for this is pretty scary. I like it. ;)

PS: You're "absentmindedly making me want you." ;)

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