Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Haven't updated in a while cause I've been too lazy to. Soo....
*Went to the movies and Ruby Tuesdays last friday with Rob and Britt to go see "The Orphan" pretty awesome movie, especially when you have someone next to you yellin "FUCK THAT BITCH UP!" at the screen lol! I bought the D40 with me so I took pics of almost everything...notice the daquri? lol.
*Movies again tomorrow, and my dad keeps asking questions about me going to the movies. SHUT UP! lol.
*Update on the reading list...still on the first book LOL. I stopped reading for a while =( I need to get to it.
*Birthday past btw..got an iPod Touch and a Nikon D40...the birthday kinda sucked but the gifts were pretty great.
TTYouguys later =)

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