Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is gonna be the worst two weeks of my life. ='(

School is kicking me in the ass right now and I haaaaate it, since when do I actually struggle this much to keep my grades up? Neeeeever.

Biology2060- Cause of this class I officially HATE 200 level classes, and what sucks is, I'm stuck taking them. I have a 79.1% in the class, and I have two weeks to pull it up, I have to get 166 out of a possible 200 points to get ATLEAST an 80. This is ridiculous. I have a headache just thinking about how I'm gonna get this grade up. But I'll find a way to pull through, I always do lol.

Nursing1010-69.2 .......daaaaaaaamn. ................daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. That's upsetting. But I'll get a's just not that very good if I'm trying to get into the Nursing Program..Looks like I gotta turn to my mentor, who's gonna be pretty upset but I need encouraging words from someone who knows how that program works.

English134- I hate group projects..I'm stuck with a piece-o-shit group minus my friend Melissa lol but whatever, 2 more classes and I am doooone! Got a B in that class probably so I guess thats good.

Art101- The class is so stupid I don't even want to talk about it. I told my mother, and I quote "When the fcuk am I ever gonna use arthistory in the hospital!? NEVER! No patient is gonna ask me how an artist felt while painting shit. WHAT THE FCUK?! THAAAATS DUMB AND POINTLESS!" And mother dearest just shook her head lol.

Other than school, life's like beyond unreal at this point. We'll see where this goes.

Currently listening to: AJ and Aisha talk about nothing LMAO. Sorry, I usually listen to music buuut not tonight.

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  1. Ehhhhh... I wish I could kicks schools ass for you.