Saturday, December 12, 2009

Perfect V. Problem

I was in the middle of studying and my phone vibrates...hmm text from whom? A little birdie who gives me some news I really wasn't expecting and it inspired me to write this blog.

Everyone strives to be that perfect couple. I honestly don't think ANYONE can look me dead in the face and say "we don't try to be perfect" because I admit I want to have that perfect relationship. People fail to realize that perfect relationships are boring and it will get you no where. Don't sit here and tell ME that it isn't true cause I've been in a seemingly "perfect relationship" and it just was not worth it. You miss the imperfection in a person. So yeah, girls always want something they can't have..and in my case? It's true. I wanted perfection so much that once I thought I had it, I wanted to go back to the one person who was completely imperfect.

Does anyone realize that when you see a perfect couple...that couple always tends to end early? Why? Don't ask me cause I don't know, I just like stating the obvious hehe. But from personal experience, working hard to achieve perfection is always better than having perfection in your hands. When a couple always has issues and end up breaking up..I think it's not because of all the fighting, but the emotions just weren't strong enough to overcome that one obstacle. Sometimes separation is okay though because it makes one realize what he or she is missing and when they get feels great.

Where am I in this? I'm a part of the problem couple. I'll be the first to admit that I've never had a perfect relationship since 2007 and I was pretty good at pretending I had one. But look at us now, we are unstoppable. The problems make us stronger and now nothing can take me away. So the next time you fight with your significant other always remember...

"The 'perfect couple' ends so fast but the 'problem couple' is always the one that lasts."

Unless you just hate that person then maybe its time to call it quits hehe. =P

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  1. okay good. 'cause i always wasn't sure if it was wrong that i like some of the drama we (chris & i/any of my bfs) have, LOL.

  2. Lmao!! Nope it's not wrong at all