Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stress Easing

Tomorrow is the last day for the Fall2009 semester YAY! I'm hoping and praying I get into this Nursing program for the next two years, I don't want to get pushed back. Update since the blog about stress? hmmm. =)

Bio206-Things are slowly coming together, final practical on friday, on the "pee system" and the "sex system" it shouldn't be too bad. I'm pretty upset that learning about sex gives me constant headaches. LMAO! I took my last in-class today aaannnndddd I got a 10 out of 10! So now I just have to study my butt off for the lecture exam.

Nursing101-Still biting me in the butt...I just found out the test is cumulative, and my professor didn't do a good review so....Good luck to me, it's gonna be a looong weekend.

English134-The user's manual is finished and easy to read, there's only one issue, I forgot to put 'deleting photos' in there. Hopefully my professor won't notice.

Art101-I can't stand that class but the final seems fun, we're gonna play a game! O_O

Christmas is right around the corner, I don't want much but when I made a Christmas was pretty long lol. Someone buy me either a TWLOHA shirt or a bunch of "I <3 BOOBIES" (it's a movement for breast cancer lol.) bracelets!

NowPlaying:: All I Want For Christmas Is You -Mariah Carey. =)

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