Thursday, December 24, 2009

Updates and Goals

School? Craaaazzzyyyyy but I managed to get stuff together, not in the nursing program just yet but I'll be in there like swimwear for Fall2010 no doubt. Spring 2010? I'm taking two 200 level courses and two 101 courses...I'm not gonna say which ones it is but just know that. Cumulative for now? 3.22...needs to go up right? Riiiight. =D

My life made a serious 180, don't ask me what happened cause I honestly don't know how or why. I ruined a relationship (even though he says I didnt) and ruined something that was good for me? I really don't know where my life is headed in the love category but right what Ateh Carol said.."You arn't getting any younger, choose now..if you want a long lasting relationship, take things slow" So I decided to make a pact with one of my besties, school will be our main focus in 2010..boys? It's whatever. Whatever happens, happens, but we both refuse to get hurt..Period.

Someone tell me.. At what point does one need to realize that they need to stop being upset cause they're hurting someone else and realize they're hurting themselves more? (Make sense?)

Time to put "love" on the backburner and enjoy the company that comes around.

Nowplaying: One Less Lonely Girl -Justin Bieber (He's whack but I love this song lol.)

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