Thursday, July 9, 2009

Attention HOLLA-ers!

Hello world and those who inhabit it. (Did I say that right?) lol!

So today I had work (bleehhh) and before this wack manager came in a customer came by acting all friendly..then throws out the "Can I have your number?" line out. Like what? No. I have a ring on my left ring finger for a reason homie. Don't try it. What I don't understand is why do these random "HOLLA-ers" assume that if they ask a random girl for her number, she'll give it to them? Does she look that easy? Honestly? Mmmm. Think I'm easy? Naw slim. Got me confused with some other short asian. HA!

Anyway, so today when I got online I checked my grade right. And saw my grade for my final lecture exam and my final lab practical. Got a 77. Then for my overall grade I got a 79. So when I checked my transcript grade, I got a B. My professor was nice enough to give me that one point..ahhh the advantages of being a suck up. =) That one B just reassures me that nursing is just what I was born to do. I sound like such a nerd! hehe.

Okay this blog is kinda wack haha. I'll edit this with some pics in a few. =)


  1. umm yea...
    i needa get my ring fitted so that i can have my ring also. ppl at mcds just dont care.. young n old

  2. Lol them holla-ers just tryin to get wit a sexy lady, but I beat em to her!

  3. aisha: yeah man they really dont.

    and marcus: your so silly =)