Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PGCC never fails to PISS me off.

I think it's time to start typing these blogs cause I'm starting to get into this habit of constantly changing my status on the book of face..and I think my subscribers are gonna get irritated with it so I'll just type everything on here. It's better than thinking of one liners that describe everything that went on at that point in time anyway.

Okay, so, I hate being responsible sometimes! =( I have to sign up for my classes before I accept my financial aid award letter and what not and when I click register what happens? It says I have to petition first before I can take Nursing101. What? I'm a petitioner as it is..what more do they want me to do? So now I have to waste my gas to go to exit 15! Just to figure out an issue over one class. WACK! Then when I finally get to register I have to go back to turn in the award letter and the thing I have to fill out with it. BOOO!

And I also grades are slippin', which is not cool in the rules and regulations for Josie handbook. I went from a 3.4 to a 3.13 on my unofficial transcript? Unacceptable! Okay so it's UNofficial..but..that UN doesn't exist to me. This fall o9 semester the goal is 4.0..I've never gotten it before but I'm gonna work my ass off to get it now. on another note..went to the harbor with my 102207 yesterday. It was awesome, now I have to be lonely for a while cause College Park likes taking boyfriends apparently. =( But heres just one pic that I love so much from yesterday...enjoy.

Welp this is pretty long now. Goodbye loves. =)

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