Friday, July 10, 2009

Another school related blog, sorry guys the blogs with stuff about school will end after this one I promise =)

Okay, so anyway, today was the day I drive up to school just to register for nursing101 and I was able to with flying colors. I went up to the advising office to figure out the exact reason why I couldn't register for nursing101 online, turns out the advising office has to look at all of my grades to see if there's a chance that I can make it into the program, and if I can't then there's no point in taking nursing101. Get it? It's kinda confusing. But luckily I've been getting As and Bs (mostly Bs though hehe.) in all of my classes and I'm taking A&P2 in the fall so I was eligible to take the class.

As far as being in the Nursing Program by itself is concerned, apparently I have a better chance than all these other students. Being "ahead in the game" and being told I am is the best feeling in the world. Trust me. =)

So the school related stuff is over now..time for the not so boring stuff lol. So the boyfriend starts school (Okay so it's not over lol.) on Monday and I decided to occupy myself with a personal summer reading. 4 books..

Harry Potter: And The Order of The Phoenix
Harry Potter: And The Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter: And The Deathly Hallows
The Notebook

That's a whole lot of reading but it will keep my mind off the fact that he's in school lol!

Oh yeah! My mom has this rule where I only can go out once a week, and I went out last night. Let me remind you I went out the day before I popped my blogs cherry, guess that rule went out the window LOL! Here's pics, enjoy.

BTW, I don't know what to do for my bday...any suggestions? =)

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