Thursday, July 16, 2009


I posted up a blog yesterday, aaaannnndddd today I realized it's too depressing for blogspot so I deleted it to put up a better blog that's actually exciting to read.

So I'm on chapter 4 of my personal summer reading, gonna do some reading after this so wee =).
My All Time Low cd came in today, AGH! Their cd is orgasmic..usually I would hate like one or two songs on a cd but for once I loooovee lovelove LOVE every song on the cd, pretty awesome. If Paramore doesn't make another album anytime soon...ATL's gonna have my heart caaauuuseeee they're just that awesome. Sorry. 0=)
Get it! Best few bucks of your life no doubt!

Like I said in the blog I deleted, I saw "My Sister's Keeper" yesterday and it's pretty awesome. Bring tissues if you easily cry in movies. There was this hawtie in the movie though, gotta show you guys who it is..pure hawtness. And he was a pretty sweet boyfriend too. Take note little boys hehe. =P Marcus says, "he hit it and quit it....literally" and sadly he really did. =( But anyway, I don't wanna spoil it for anyone soooo if you guys decide to watch it, look out for him. ;)

Til' next time blogspot. =)

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