Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've been meaning to update but I didn't know what I should put in the blog cause my life has been so boring lately lol. So I'll just be a bit random with this.

Marcus put a whole new twist on "No way Jose" and now its "No way Jo-zay" wack..I know. =)

I told Kyley I have a new polka dot fetish and she told me she has a "Josie's clothes fetish" meaning..I won't have any clothes and my purse will be missing the next time she steps foot in Maryland...that won't be pretty.

Lagging on the personal summer reading cause I haven't read in a while BLAH!

Got the sheet music to Halo and Mad...hmm...we'll see how that goes haha.

A while back I said "Love isn't about finding a perfect person but seeing an imperfect person perfectly." And I guess I'm not doing that in a sense? No one is ever perfect but seeing an imperfect person perfectly is kinda hard. Having your guard up and keeping them up is hard too. I don't know.

Peaceout Boy&&girl Scouts. =)

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  1. you make everything sound so exciting! i can't wait to hear more!