Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get Lost.

Okay, my mom says I'm always tryin' to fight somebody, and it's not true but right now I'm getting overly irritated with these mother fuckers goin' in and out of my life. (Please excuse my language in this blog.)

Person 1. Stop being overly dramatic! Like really? It's not that fucking serious, I told you what the easy solution to your fucking issue is but you still wanna make shit seem like it's a date. How many mother fucking times do I have to fucking turn your dumbass down til' you realize I DON'T LIKE YOU, NEVER DID LIKE YOU AND I NEVER WILL FUCKING LIKE YOU! I'm just irritated with all your whack ass jokes, and how hard you fucking try, its just so stupid. Leave me alone.

Person 2. Stop acting like you still mean a lot to me. Cause I don't give two shits what the fuck you do with your life. Don't you get it?! UGH. Stop spying on me, cause all the shit that I say on this blog and my twitter are NOT about you. (except for this lol.) You were never that fucking important. And I was stupid to even think you were. Stop trying cause you'll never get SHIT back. I've been trying so fucking hard to be patient with you and my patience is running on thin ice. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHATS GOING ON IN MINE!!!!!!!!

Currently listening to:: Playing God.mp3 -Paramore.
(BTW to mAb..Playing God is better than the rest.)