Friday, November 13, 2009

TWLOHA and Yesterday.

I want to start off by saying Happy To Write Love On Her Arms Day(TWLOHA)!!! I love this day, just cause I support what they're trying to do. No matter how many people say depression, cutting, and suicide is stupid, I would never change my opinion on it. Why? Personal reasons. I wrote "Love" on my arm..but it doesn't look right, but its good enough.

"Love is the movement. Rescue is possible."

Anyway...I was looking around on itunes for some songs to download. Came across one song that describes exactly how I'm feeling. It makes me realize that the future? It's gone, its no longer set in stone. The dreams? All broken. And like he says...I'm broken. But no one can ever take yesterday away from me.

"They can take tomorrow and the plans we made, they can take the music that we'll never play, all The broken dreams, take everything, just take it away, but they can never have yesterday, they Can take the future that we'll never know they can take the places that we said we will go, all The broken dreams take everything, just take it away, but they can never have yesterday" Yesterday-Leona Lewis.

I'm sorry for all the emo blogs haha!

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