Monday, November 9, 2009

Jumbled up.

After talking to a few people and losing a friend I realized that I really do need time to sort my thoughts and figure out what the hell I'm doing with myself. This is seriously jumbled up..I tried to organize it but this is the best I could do. lol.
Parents know best. As much as we think we know better, we kind of don't. Parents told me to just be patient and not rush things, I did and where am I now? Confusion. I swear if I had never let myself fall I wouldn't have these issues, but then again I wouldn't know what it means to love someone unconditionally. I do understand that people have to learn how to make their own mistakes and learn from them than to learn from someone elses. They just need a friend to support them the whole way through. When parents tell you to do something, yeah..most likely they're right but think about your happiness first. Do whatever makes you happy and you'll be happy. Yeah it might be the wrong kind of right but, you won't learn unless you experience it first hand.

It's hard to move on and tell everyone else you have when obviously you keep coming back. Reminds me of the movie One More Chance (Tagalog movie lol). As much as you try to move on, when you see the person that you just love to be around, others don't matter. It's a weird feeling, a feeling that I personally don't want to have but when the other person has moved on what's is the point in trying to stay and wait? There is none. But something in the back of my head is telling me to just stay. I refuse to get hurt by anyone else anytime soon, I refuse to give someone a shattered heart and expect them to fix it. It never works out. I don't like to see my 3 main besties try hard to keep a smile on my face, I hate being vulnerable so I'll probably never allow myself to have emotions infront of anyone. I have to learn how to love myself before I can ever love anyone else unconditionally, which will take a whole lot of work. I'm turning into a heartbreaker and I refuse to break anymore.

The end. =)

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