Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life Moves On.

So much pain. Pain that I don't even want to feel right now.

Now I know why you said you just weren't right for me. If I knew I was gonna go through this, honestly I would've never fallen or better yet, let this happen. For once I can't put my emotions in words. And I sit and wonder when exactly "Josie's happiness" will return cause by the looks of it, shit just won't go back to normal. No more trying to get my hopes up cause honestly theres no point. This is why I was always pessimistic, because optimism always bites me in the ass. From this point on, I'll just always have my guard up cause there's no point in putting it down if someones gonna crush you in the long run. Not fucking worth it.

Hangin with Sam tomorrow and hopefully Thanksgiving dinner with the Featherstones? We'll see.

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  1. You know I brighten your day :D *spins & shines*