Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stress Go Away.

Amaaaazzzziiiiinnnngggg how one person can go through almost every single issue a person can have. Make sense? lol.

*School still a labpractical monday...must start studying now. I stayed in class to focus on my work today and my whole lab table bailed on me LMAO. Oh well, I think it's better if I work by myself anyway. I think I'm taking the right steps to get my grades up.

*I personally do not like to express any type of emotion to others. I'd rather be called heartless than to have someone think I'm overly sweet and get walked on, it's sounds so wrong but it's the only way to make sure everyone knows I'm okay. I hate how sometimes my emotions decide to make a special appearance infront of the people who need to see it. I hate how I can't put in words exactly what I miss, what I love and what I need in a person. I wish I could cause maybe..just maybe, you'd know exactly whats going through my head and have you actually understand. If I could..I'd go back in time to just change everything. I know, I regrets right? But it's hard. I hate walking around and everything I see just reminds me of a certain happy moment, a certain fight, a certain situation that I know I would want to tell my kids (if I even have kids LMAO) about. I can't move on, and I can't go I shall remain neutral. Do what exactly makes me happy for the moment. (I think I said something about that in my blog before this.) If it hurts me in the this point all I'll have to say is "Oh well..".

Maybe one day you'll see exactly just what I mean, that it isn't the moments that I miss, it isn't the moments that I loved..but it's you. But once again, I refuse to get hurt. I'll try my hardest to keep my wall up.

Saviour.mp3 -Lights :: Story of my life.

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